Innovative technologies

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Electronic design

We develop, project and create your electronic device

Sten Löfving Sensors

Innovative weather sensors and other advanced electro optics.

Trypic Board

We have developed an application board for fast prototyping

  • Feasibility

    We can offer our experience in planning cost and simulation of sensors and electronic systems

  • Prototype

    Our skills in prototyping let you try your idea in a fast way

  • Engineering

    We can develop your idea that will become a product

  • Industrilization

    We are able to have tests and certificate your product

  • Production

    We can arrive to product your idea

"Innovate: idea becomes prototype, prototype becomes product"
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Where we are


Address Via Zotti 20, 47122 Forlì (FC)
We are in a co-working space in Forlì called "Self Storage Romagna"
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